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80 min class (1:21:45)
$ 7.99
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Yoga Al Dente

Angie Arnold

Ever taken a yoga class that felt undercooked? Or too much packed in leaving you overdone? Yoga Al Dente is yoga done just right. Angie's cues keep you present on the mat, and the class is sequenced for each breath and movement to truly compliment the next breath and the next movement. Each part helps to create the whole. Expect some tricky core work that will support your lower back as you move towards urdhva dhanurasana (wheel pose) and potentially Vrschikasana (scorpion pose) in both forearm stand or handstand. Vinyasa translates as "to go to a place in a special way." That place is savasana. Angie's goal is to move the body and mind so thoughtfully you can let go, restore, and surrender to the sweet support of your mat.

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