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Angie Arnold  Flower

Angie Originally taught in New York City at Bend and Bloom, Shambhala Yoga and Dance, and Kula Yoga Project. She now teaches at Yoga Pod LoDo, Root Yoga, Frejya Project and Pura Vida Fitness.

Post-College, post California, Angie found her way to New York City, where she continued to study yoga under some of the most innovative and creative teachers in the world. Through these experiences, she realized the necessity for a deep thorough practice and as they say in Ashtanga 3rd series "Sthira Baga" (the breath of God) brings about an internal shift that goes beyond the physical experience. As a teacher, she developed her widely popular core-integration flow, through a holistic approach to core stabilization and demystification of bandha work. After eight wonderful years in NYC, Angie packed up her belongings and moved west to Denver to be closer to her family. Within three months of her time in Colorado, she met Beau a very sweet sprightly mighty but tiny schnorkie. They now live on the north side of Denver where they both spend equal time on Angie's mat. Angie has been in various print ads for apparel lines such as Hyde Apparel
and Creme Apparel and featured in several articles for Well & Good NYC.