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Paleo Peach Jam & Why Seasonal Eating is Glorious
Paleo Peach Jam & Why Seasonal Eating is Glorious
I have what you could call a peach problem. That is if you consider consuming massive amounts of the cuddliest fruit ever over the months of July and August, then yes I have a problem. I know Georgia is known for their peaches. But my friends, Colorado is the sneaky underdog of peach production. We make a damn good peach. Like shenanigans good. But those Colorado beauties aren’t around all year round. And it sucks. And it’s painful. And at least a dozen times I want to rock a grocery store peach that has traveled miles upon miles to be meticulously piled up in ze Whole Foods. But I don’t. (At least not usually.) Because they are always a disappointment. And because they beg to ask the question: do I really need to eat peaches 12 glorious months out of the year?

Lamb BLT Burgers + Vegan Avocado "Mayo"
Lamb BLT Burgers + Vegan Avocado
Ahhhhhh, the BLT. America’s most beloved sandwich. With the simply gorgeous heirloom tomato bounty available right now and the 4th of July right around the corner, we knew an 80:20 BLT was in order. But you know us…we don’t like to feel limited, so we decided to take this iconic classic to the next level!