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6 Ways for Yogis to Celebrate Earth Day

6 Ways for Yogis to Celebrate Earth Day

Inspire your nature with these 6 Earth-Day-approved yogi tips to conserve, recycle, or regenerate your own energy – plus classes that will fire you up and cool you down. 

Recycle Your Energy
Just in the same way you’re mindful about being energy efficient with household appliances, you are the ultimate tool for conserving and recycling energy. Spend some time locating the places in your life that feel stuck, and, instead of trying to “let them go,” work to dissolve them and recycle their potent energy back into your system as bright, healthy and useful in Mark Morford’s new vinyasa class Yoga Alchemy: The Recycle

Plant The Seeds 
All your thoughts and actions are seeds you plant. Ask yourself, what are you cultivating this week? Dig deep, find your inner strength, and Stand in Your Power in this 75 minute class with Pradeep Teotia. . 

Practice Non-Violence 
The Sanskrit word Ahimsa means non-violence for all living things. Les Leventhal’s 20 minute class Guidelines for A Balanced Life honors Ahimsa and leads you through a flow that will help you move your body with ease and let go of any tension and intensity of the day. 

Take A Nature Walk
Take 15 minutes to get in touch with your surroundings. Les Leventhal’s walking meditation will help you wake up to the world around you so you can notice what we do and do not pay attention to. This walking meditation will help you focus your energy and feel more grounded and connected to the earth. 

Water Your Roots 
Your root chakra is where you hold your power of being in the world. This glows fiery red and roots you to Mother Earth, ensuring all your survival needs are met. In Cicily Carter’s 20 min Root Down Flow, you will align and strengthen this area with a warm up series and sun salutations. 

Call Your Mother
AKA touch the ground. Katie Silcox’s Earth Grounding Tantric Flow is a dynamic vinyasa-based practice designed to build your connection to the pranic force that grounds, stabilizes and connects us to the bigger world we live in. Use this class anytime in your life when you need to surrender, let go or reduce anxiety and fear. 

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