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YogaDownload Thanksgiving Poem
YogaDownload Thanksgiving Poem

Thank your eyes, for viewing YogaDownload anywhere

Seeing beauty, joy and kindness from this special pair.

To your communication for letting you breathe originality,

The throat chakra that makes your thoughts a reality.

Open Your Heart to Gratitude, to new experiences, compassion.

A Great Full Heart to help you love more, with passion.

Your core that stabilizes, twists and detoxes,

Enhancing your power to break out of our boxes.

Your incredible spine that stands you upright,

Your long and strong back for hugging so tight.

Traveling down to your hands that grip, wave and soothe,

Sending love to your Wrists, Shoulders and Neck – it’s the truth.

Your hips that carry a lot of sensation,

Giving your emotions creative narration.

Your root that sends you down Earthly bound,

Giving you that important connection to ground.

Hugging those legs, the strongest muscles in you’ve got,

For strutting and running and lifting a lot.

Applaud those inversions that help your hardworking feet.

And sigh it out for savasana that is ever so sweet!

Your body can do so many wonderful things,

Now give it some yoga to help it grow wings. 

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