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Excuses for Not Doing Yoga Busted!

Excuses for Not Doing Yoga Busted!

The benefits of yoga are becoming more well-known and mainstream. That said, there is still a sizable part of the population who would like to practice yoga, but get stuck on some common excuses of why they can't. Whether they believe these excuses or not, these common myths are busted below and can help motivate you to get onto the yoga mat and experience this practice's immense benefits. 

1. I’m too busy for yoga. Classes never fit my schedule.

Yoga is now available to you any time and from anywhere you have an internet connection!  Try online yoga classes on YogaDownload from the ease and convenience of your home or hotel room or office. Classes online are also shorter than a lot of classes in studios. Rather than an hour or more for a class, plus the time to commute there, you can put a 20-minute class on, from the comfort of your home. Regardless of your schedule, you can always find a time to practice yoga. 

2. Yoga has gotten so expensive. I’m too broke for such luxury.

Many studio owners are recognizing that regular drop-in class prices may not be accessible to folks during these hard economic times.  They are responding by offering more affordable classes at certain times of the day.

Furthermore, it is now more affordable and more convenient than ever to practice yoga online! Platforms like YogaDownload give you unlimited access to yoga classes at any time for the price of lunch and half the cost of some studio drop-in classes. 

Regardless of the monetary cost, yoga is an investment in yourself and your well-being and worth the money. 

3. I’m too inflexible for yoga. I have to get in shape first.

I can’t speak for other yoga teachers, but my classes always emphasize compassion for your body and practicing without judgment or criticism.  We start with where ever you are and go from there.  All bodies can benefit. Yin yoga is a great place to start a yoga practice, as there’s no emphasis on range of motion – i.e. no perfect pose to work towards.  And, if you are still intimidated to hit up a regular class,  private yoga sessions to work with you individually can help! YogaDownload also has a 3-week program for inflexible beginners.

By Elise Fabricant

Elise Fabricant is a top teacher on She's also always at your service for one-on-one coaching. If you’re ready to make big changes in all aspects of your life, sign up for a complimentary clarity session with her from her website here.

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