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Full Moon Astrology Forecast & Ritual: November 30th, 2020

Full Moon Astrology Forecast & Ritual: November 30th, 2020

This Full Moon lunar eclipse will occur from November 29th -30th. There is heavy Capricorian energy at play that is solidifying recent self-discoveries, new inner revelations from this fall. This solidification will create more grounded wisdom regarding self. It will carry forward an initial expansive push. Think of it as an energetic push to support breakaway and breakthroughs. This energy can seem intense for some, it’s swift and disruptive. 

As the days carry forward the expansion will feel constricted. Jupiter’s conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn will create a push and pull. An outward urge met with restrictions. This is a blessing, and try to remember that. It will force new ways of expansion, new ways of creation, and quite literally cultivate new methods of achievement. It will release old paradigms and reliance on previously defined mechanisms within the self and external world. Prudence and perseverance will aid in working with the new ways of solidifying gifts, creativity, and new wisdom. 

As you can feel practicality is aiding in creating structure, and solidity in this new alignment. Within this lunation Venus is a unique point of exact debilitation within the cosmos, no worries as this is assisting creative means beyond previous measures and paradigms. Venus in this position will also aid in self-realization as it pertains to the material and external world.

Desires and what you want from life becomes clear.

The alignment during this eclipse is asking you to believe in yourself, to invest faith into the gifts that are incubating. Connections around paradigms unfold on a final layer, and an offering of heart healing is available to you. Feel through the shifts my loves, new ways of relating, seeing, and connecting are on its final stretch. There may be a sense of shakiness, but it is the residual breaking away into new horizons. This energy is focused on foundations of growth, and grounding innerself into realization within the material world and the inner gifts are now starting to be concretized. The energy is shifting towards organization around new endeavors, getting your ducks in a row for soul desires. 

Lastly my loves, this Full Moon lunar eclipse has a strong numeric significance. It is uniting the 7s. Esoterically you know this as the 7 planes of manifestation, the 7 energy centers (chakras) and the 7 dimensions of consciousness. We have reached a cycle completion and collectively will move forward with new ways of interrelatedness within one another and within the self. During this time, many of you may experience physical symptoms of recalibration. Do not try to make sense out of it. If your sleeping habits, food cravings, digestion, emotions, and reasoning are abnormal-allow it. Many of you will wake at odd hours of the night and have creative insight, or you will recieve guidance from your spirit guides and higher consciousness. Honor the downloads and heed the guidance.

Energy never dies, it is being recycled, renewed, and reshaped. Allow this process to occur along all 7 planes, do not hold onto ‘normalicy’. It is also so important to stay focused on your higher goals, and rooted in yourself. Small actions, discipline, and conviction to your becoming and the higher good for all will best serve you and the collective. 

This Full Moon lunar eclipse is bringing the Kleshas - the 5 veils of ignorance and ego separation, to the surface. These Kleshas are the ways in which we hold ourselves separate from divine, from inner power, inner truth and the fullness of self-awareness. During this time allow the old to break away. Hold yourself gently and take a step back from definition, criticism, and especially judgment. These are protection mechanisms that create separateness. This separateness is the veil of ignorance that depletes prana-life force. We are all one. All connected. All divine. When in doubt, or if turmoil sets in. Come back to your practice, to your breath.

One final note on this eclipse, this is a reflection from the Eclipse on December 26, 2019. Take a moment to reflect, to recognize how far you’ve come in less than 12 months, how much strength you possess and revel in the fact there lies more to be discovered. It is from the void that all is born and all is possible. You are unlimited, and whatever holds back the awareness of true self (limitless nature) will be released. It is the full circle of evolution and creation. 

Full Moon Ritual: Fast the day before or on the Full Moon eclipse. This will aid in removing previous karma and also clear the body for the subtle transformations that are occurring across the planes of consciousness. Meditate for 10-20 minutes focusing on white smoke clearing the body inside and out. Allow the awareness to rest in the third eye, Ajna. Do not set anything in motion. Now is the time to honor your ancestors, guides, and if you feel ‘lost’ or any turbulence, ask for guidance. Give thanks every day to your ancestors and guides. Stay humble, stay open. 

Herb: During this time until the next New Moon, Ashwagandha will best serve sloughing off the odd while strengthening the inner self. It will nurture what has been neglected, and empower your heart with grounded faith. Ashwagandha tea, or tincture 90 drops 1x daily. Herbal info is for spiritual and energetic purposes. 

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By Geenie (Gemma) Celento

Geenie, also known as Gemma, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, astrologer and student of the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage. Her classes on YogaDownload are often inspired by astrology and aimed to guide each student to unfold a deeper connection from within. Her diverse knowledge and continued studies in the spiritual sciences can be felt in her class offerings. With humble devotion Gemma weaves the wisdom of yogic practices into accessible and impactful mat experiences. Her website is here.

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