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Yoga to Strengthen, Protect, & Heal

Yoga to Strengthen, Protect, & Heal

Are you curious about how yoga can protect and heal your body? Why strength is just as important as flexibility and how understanding the way physical postures impact your muscles, joints, and bones can help you develop a practice that lasts a lifetime?

We are and we’re thrilled to present internationally acclaimed expert yoga teacher, Desiree Rumbaugh’s new five class all-levels yoga series for you this week, Strengthen, Protect & Heal. Take the time to gain a deeper knowledge of your yoga foundation and learn to appreciate your practice on a new level.

Strengthening your muscles through practicing weight-bearing yoga asanas like Warrior series, Triangle and Tree Pose will help support healthy joints. Creating strength will protect your knees and shoulders from injury that could occur if you are stressing the joints too much because of weak quadriceps or deltoids. Stable joints are happy joints. Hypermobility in joints is a major issue that can lead to pain and long-term issues.

For some of us who love the flexibility aspect of yoga, we often ignore the much needed strength component.

These two factors are both vital to a sustainable enjoyable yoga practice that lasts a lifetime. By shifting the focus this week to creating strength to protect your body from injury, you’ll make sure your practice is balanced and will give you all the benefits you desire without over stretching.

What if you’ve already sustained injuries from yoga or other activities? Rumbaugh believes you can harness the healing capability of your body through specific yoga techniques to heal injuries. So, these classes could be your gateway to recovery and prevention of further pain. These classes are all specifically targeted to a certain area of the body, so you can pick and choose based upon how you are feeling today. Get ready to see some tangible results!

Get stronger with Desiree through this 5-class series now!

1. Desiree Rumbaugh - Strengthen Protect, & Heal: Knees

2. Desiree Rumbaugh - Strengthen, Protect & Heal the Lower Back

3. Desiree Rumbaugh - Strengthen, Protect & Heal Your Hips

4. Desiree Rumbaugh - Loosen Those Tight Hips 

5. Desiree Rumbaugh - Strengthen, Protect & Heal the Upper Body

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