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50 min class (50:35)
$ 7.99
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Power Functional Vinyasa

Robert Sidoti

This class is designed to challenge you, to build full body strength, increase your endurance and stamina, it will feel like a workout at times, it will bring the results you're looking for, it will be accessible/useful while being very functional as we use movements like squats, push-ups, lunges, twists, bends ... all the movements that the average human (yourself) do or should do everyday to keep the body healthy, strong and mobile! You will feel accomplished after this practice. This practice also provides plenty of moments to enjoy the stretch you crave, the satisfying breaths you need and some space in the mind to relax and free yourself from the daily 'to do's. Hope you enjoy!
ps ... if you need to scale down or up in the progressive squat salutation, please feel free.

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