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The Body Mandala: Level I

Mark Morford

You have patterns. Lots of them. You have conditioned beliefs, cultural programming, mental and emotional constructs, things you truly believe you like and do not like, want and do not want, fear and doubt and OMGWTF. We ALL do. Question is, are they working for you? Are all those patterns, tribal affiliations, certainties and opinions helpful and nourishing, or depleting and numbing? To you AND to those around you? Are they even really yours? How do you know?

This class invites the idea, the practice of *re-patterning.* Which is to say: Observing your various samskaras (habituated behaviors and programmed reactions) and perhaps, through practice, clearing and dissolving them, and then replacing them with the unexpected, the fluxive, the healthy and the divine. Read: swooping, looping, trance-like body movements to get you to stop knowing what you think you know. Which you actually don’t. Isn’t that marvelous?

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