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Morning Badass Flow II: Just Another Day

Mark Morford

It can be a dangerous mindset we all fall into at some point: We start believing that life really IS what we often say it is: Same ol’ same ol’, back to the grind, just another slog, hoping to survive. In other words, life is, we numbly come to think, just a burden to be endured. Joy is an exception, fleeting and unreliable.

Nonsense. Here’s a vigorous wake-up practice designed specifically to remind you that you get to CHOOSE your alignment, your particular “vibe” in the world, every single day, and watch as the world orients itself around THAT (not the other way around). Foundational core work, hip releases, swirls and loops and warriors, all meant to dissolve nonsense conditioning and fatalistic “survivalist” thinking, and replace them with the vigorous and the alive.

Will doing this class every day make you a happier, nicer person, beloved by all? Of course not. But maybe, just maybe, a little less whiny.

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