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Absolution Flow: The Shocking Myth

Mark Morford

Yoga will not make you a better person. Not happier or kinder or more compassionate, no matter how much you do it. This is a silly (Western) myth, disproven daily by "expert" yogis with gorgeous bodies and immaculate practices who are still, somehow, total jerks.

Yoga's prime function, as I've come to understand it, is to create an environment, a more fertile soil in which transformation can, potentially, occur, should you be willing to do the REAL yogic work of self inquiry and ego taming.

Translation: After this gorgeously attuned, 60-minute Absolution Flow practice, full of swirls and warriors and spinal whoops, you will NOT automatically become a nicer human. But you *might* be more ready, just a little, to dispel with some egoic bullshit and show up more fully in the moments of your life. And isn't that even better?

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