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Limitless Living
Limitless Living

Sounds simple, right? Well, just like Patanjali wrote in the Yoga Sutras, the path is simple, but it isn’t easy. It takes effort and dedication to release fear and open up to the wellspring of light and beauty within you. The practice of yoga is one of shedding layers and negative patterns, especially the self-talk surrounding being undeserving of love, prosperity, abundance, health, and a life without limits.

Where to start? Begin by turning your eye inward and examine where you are right now. Are you living your fullest life? Fulfilling your potential? Are you content in your personal life, but your professional life feels like a rut? Or, vice-versa? Check in with every aspect of your current situation and be willing to release what isn’t working and be open to risk, to something new.

If you discover you aren’t living the life of your dreams ask yourself what doubts inhabit your heart and restrict you from moving forward? What stories do you tell yourself? Are any of those stories keeping you in a limbo or a negative place? What’s the first stage of creating the life you desire and deserve?

We suggest you step onto the mat or onto your meditation cushion. Let your mind quiet in order to release limiting beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of being. Work through movement, breath, and intention to release fear. Yoga’s about finding clarity of focus and recognizing your own inner light and allowing it to shine bright.

When you can connect to your center and operate from your highest self, shifts began to happen in the way you view the world and your place in it. Don’t let yourself or anybody else impose restrictions on your potential: the sky is the limit. If you can visualize it, you can create it—whatever that means to you.

Check out our beautiful assortment of new classes from beloved instructors. This week is centered around assisting you on your journey to your limitless self.

1. Yoga Alchemy: The Axis - Mark Morford
2. The Practice of Fullness - Christen Bakken
3. Live Limitless: Vasisthasana - Kylie Larson
4. Get Hooked - Eric Paskel

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