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Are You Living Your Life in Alignment?

Are You Living Your Life in Alignment?

What does it mean to live your life in alignment with your own truth, your soul’s purpose, and the world around you? 

When you’re truly living in a state of alignment, it means you’ve taken the time to slow down and pay attention to how you are experiencing life. Really pay attention. If you’ve examined how you are feeling in all aspects of your life, you’ll know if you are living a life disconnected from the real you. Living in alignment with your authentic self means you feel comfortable in your skin. It means you feel energized and excited about the work you’ve chosen to do, about the people you’ve populated your life with, and about the way you inhabit the world. 

Close your eyes and tune into how you’re feeling right now. Well, close your eyes after you’ve read this paragraph, that is. Ask yourself: are you surrounded with people who inspire you or people who drag you down? Are you in a career that lights you up and fulfills you or do you dread going to work? What about your personal relationships with others and yourself? Signs like anxiety, boredom, lethargy, and even anger point to living your life for reasons other than your fulfilling your desires. If you can’t honestly say you’re living your best life today, take a moment to explore how you can achieve it.

Of course, we believe yoga and meditation are excellent pathways to awareness and will not just help you become more aligned in your spine and physical body, but in your mental and spiritual life.

Yoga encourages you to hit the pause button and check-in with yourself in the present moment. When you cultivate a sense of stillness within, you can truly assess if you are living a life that aligns with your values and your desires. This week, we have a fabulous program from Patrick Montgomery to help you move into a state of alignment.

When you are in alignment, you make decisions from a place of truth, even if it’s uncomfortable. Take the time this week to listen to your inner voice and create the life that has you living in alignment with your dreams. The possibilities are endless! 

Practice Patrick Montgomery's Focus on Form: Alignment Intensive classes, to get your body and mind in optimal alignment!

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