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Living Your Yoga: Beyond the Mat "Believe in What you cannot see"

Living Your Yoga: Beyond the Mat

It’s tough to see what or who we will become – how we will change as a result of our actions.

I remember my early days with yoga and how sore my wrists used to feel in downward facing dog – how it was a struggle to be there for more than a few seconds. The instructor said it would eventually get easier, that my wrists would get used to it and that I would one day appreciate it as a resting place. Hah! I thought, I couldn’t even imagine that. Then, one day, several months later, I was feeling worn out during a particularly difficult flow sequence and I found myself looking forward to down dog, a rest. I’d reached a point in my practice that I thought would never happen!

I was reading  a fellow yoga blogger who was talking about how yoga teaches us to believe in what we cannot see or perceive. If we have been practicing yoga for any length of time we can now see how our bodies have changed, adjusted to the consistent actions we take on the mat. Over the course of a few months, we notice how we’ve become stronger. We move with more fluidity, we can hold challenging poses longer. we can stretch beyond our former limits, maybe touch our toes in forward fold.

When was the last time you stopped to acknowledge how far you’ve come?

We don’t always acknowledge that what was once impossible for us, is now possible.But we should because honoring that gives us the mental power to apply that awareness to other areas of our lives where we find ourselves facing what we think are impossible challenges. When we can’t see ourselves any differently.

The fact that our physical form can and does change if we believe it will is an amazing teacher for our life and our ability to believe in things we can’t see for ourselves. This reminder comes at a very important moment in my blogging career. I would have never thought a year ago, when I opened my WordPress account that I could have written 100 blog posts. That’s a lot of writing for no reason other than a desire to share ideas and maybe help someone else facing similar challenges. When I started, I didn’t think about the number “100.” If I had, that might have stopped me. I just thought, keep going. Write another, and then another. I kept the idea of “what’s next” for the blog in my mind at all times and the ideas for it came to me on a regular basis. All I had to do was sit down at the computer and write them up, one at a time. It’s been a year and 100 blog posts later. I have come to rely on it as an enjoyable place to rest, to sift and filter thoughts about life and goals and making dreams come true.

And that is how the impossible becomes possible –  by implementation of a tried and true formula: Consistent Action in a Singular Direction.

Transformation is a quiet, and somewhat slow process. The work of change happens from the inside out. The more often we show up, the quicker changes happen – once a week, three times a week, or every day actions are going to produce results at a different rate. The more you believe in your ability to grow and change and attain your dreams, the more often you will show up and the faster it will happen. That’s just the way it works.

By Tracy Martin

Tracy is a dancer, writer, runner, yogi, and lover of adventures large and small. Breaking through barriers, building bridges and basking in the glow of life's fabulousness. Meeting other fabulous people on the way and telling stories to share the good news that the Universe is indeed All Good!  Visit Tracy at

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