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Stay Steadfast in your Self-Practice

Stay Steadfast in your Self-Practice

Over the holidays, our focus shifts to taking care of others first and in the process we often sacrifice our own health and well-being. Celebrate the positive message of the holidays and give and share with others, especially those less fortunate. When we share our love, compassion and time, everyone benefits.

But, don’t give up your own personal time to such a point that you become frazzled, exhausted, and sometimes resentful. When we operate from this mindset, nobody benefits. Remind yourself that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, especially now.

To keep your own cup full so you can share from the heart, make the time for your yoga, meditation and pranayama. Although your practice may be shorter or completely different, remind yourself a five-minute meditation is better than none.

Here are some sneaky ways for you to step away from what’s stealing your energy and joy and get your mojo back. Accept that you cannot control everything going on around you and all you can control is your own behavior.

Choose to wake up fifteen minutes earlier or sneak away and hide yourself in the upstairs bathroom or closet if you need to and meditate or practice Nadi Shodhana/alternate nostril breathing for five minutes. We’ve made it easy with Pradeep’s Alternate Nostril Breathing Practice. Try one of two meditation practices to tune in and tap into your inner wisdom:

Channing Grivas- Quieting the Distractions or Nancy Nielsen’s Meditative Zen Practice

Reset your perspective to one of gratitude for all the positives in your life. Remind yourself how good you feel when you focus on your Sadhana. It's a great time to review your personal rituals and leave behind those that aren’t working and create new ones. If you’re new to practicing yoga, try a great new beginner’s practice: Claire Petretti Marti’s Beginner Yoga: Find Your Flow.

Remember you are already doing the work and it IS enough; be thankful for this moment even when it is crazy. Breathe in love, breathe out everything else.


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