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4 Classes to Shake The Ghosts

4 Classes to Shake The Ghosts

As the days are getting shorter and darker, it’s the perfect time to do as nature does and turn inward. Let go of seasons of the past and make peace. We never see trees holding on to their old leaves, or complaining as they fall to the ground, because that’s the only way to make room for growth. So what will you allow to fall away?


We have four classes to get you free of the past and reset for the present:

Dave Farmar - Empower Your Potential, Part 4: Ready for Launch

Throw on your superhero pants and break through those self-imposed limitations as you get ready for flight in this power vinyasa class. No cape necessary.

Kylie Larson - Flow and Let Go

Do as the trees do, and let go in this power yoga class designed to get you out of your head and into your body, leaving you open, grounded and relaxed.

Cicily Carter - Classic Hot Series

Sweat out what is no longer serving you in this 90 minute hot series. Get to know yourself all over again by staying in one place through 26 postures.

Dana Damara - Be Still and Reflect: Evening Yoga

No nightmares after this class– you’ll unwind with a calming sequence where you wrap your mind around nothing and experience the freedom of long deep breathing and gentle restorative poses.


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