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Yoga for Vitality and Energy

Yoga for Vitality and Energy

"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Who is ready for a boost of energy into the new year? It’s time to wipe the slate clean and inject all your enthusiasm for life and growth potential into moving forward with a positive mindset. A new year is a milestone for all of us to not simply pause and reflect on the past but to commit to living our best life. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from Square One or you just need some simple tweaks to feel your best, yoga can help!

If you’re still processing 2022, you’re not alone. Take your time but we encourage you to join us in moving forward together to turn the page and start writing a fresh plan. We’re here to help boost your vitality with classes and a yoga program specifically designed to give you energy to enjoy today and plan for tomorrow.

How does yoga help boost vitality, especially when you may be tired from the recent holiday season? As you likely are aware, different styles of yoga help you feel a certain way. All yoga incorporates breathwork, physical postures, and often meditation. These modalities impact not just your muscles and bones, but your brain, your internal organs, and your entire system.

A gentle relaxing Hatha classes will soothe you and quiet your mind. Vigorous Vinyasa or Ashtanga flows will boost your endorphins and burn off excess energy. Yin yoga quiets your nervous system, among many other benefits. All yoga teaches use patience and discipline, which fuel our life’s journey.

This week’s classes focus on increasing your energy––physically, emotionally, and mentally––so you feel you're most alive. Pick one of the styles that resonates most for you in this moment. You’ve got choices so feel free to explore them all or just do the one(s) your body is craving today. Happy New Year! 

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