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3-Week Challenge: Detox & Destress

3-Week Challenge: Detox & Destress

The challenge begins on October 4th! The seasons are shifting, and it is the perfect time to align with nature and release whatever is weighing us down. If you’re feeling stagnant or heavy in your mind, heart, or body, we’re here with a 3-week plan to make it easy to hit the reset button. As a global community, we’ll practice a variety of yoga classes designed to detoxify and destress.

In the Heart of Yoga, T.K.S. Desikachar wrote that one of yoga’s primary functions is to help burn off the “rubbish” or toxins that can build up in our systems. Whether that means learning to shed a series of repetitive negative thoughts, recover from heartbreak, or lose a few unwanted pounds, the practice of yoga provides a framework for us to release extra baggage and shine our inner light. Sometimes life simply bogs us down and a periodic challenge or program can help set us back on track. 

Each time you step onto your yoga mat, you have the opportunity to grow stronger, more flexible, and more balanced. Yoga is the time when you can practice self-care and tune into your center. Ask yourself if you are feeling your best or if some aspects of your current life no longer provide you joy. Our needs and desires evolve, so learning to let go of the past and open to the future is vital to feel our best. If we aren’t operating at our optimal levels, we can’t fully engage in our life. 

By combining various physical postures like twists, forward folds, and inversions, you’ll stimulate and enhance digestion and elimination. Gentle compression gets your blood circulating efficiently and encourages toxins and waste through your lymphatic system. If our body feels heavy and sluggish, our minds and hearts experience a parallel sense of stagnation. 

We can’t claim that joining our 3-week all-levels challenge will fulfill your life on every level, but if you join us, you’ll be planting the seeds for a life where you shine your brightest. Physically, you’ll feel lighter, stronger, and more supple. Mentally, you’ll experience more clarity of thought and intensity of focus. Emotionally, your mood will improve and you’ll be able to truly tune into your personal power. 

For many of us, the real challenge is just showing up on the yoga mat every day. Now all you need to do is press play and have the daily class choices and daily inspiration delivered directly to your inbox every morning. Just press play! 

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