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Yoga to Fire Up Your Manipura Chakra

Yoga to Fire Up Your Manipura Chakra

Who needs to cultivate a stronger sense of self or perhaps tone down an ego that is slanting more toward arrogance than confidence? Finding the balance between inner strength and insecurity takes effort but is vital to living the life you love. This week, we’ll focus on the Manipura or navel chakra, which yogis identify as the source of our self-confidence, willpower, and inner fire. 

Your personality and personal power stem from the “fire in your belly” or “tapas.” At different points in our lives, like starting a new job or ending a personal relationship, our self-confidence may need a boost or a reality check. When the Manipura is in over-drive, it manifests as arrogance or ego. A lack of navel chakra energy can fill us with insecurity and self-doubt. Know that no matter what stage you’re in, focusing on your Manipura chakra can bring you back into balance. 

Manipura is defined as the jewel in the city and expounds that the jewel is the ego that is your wealth. The essence of Manipura is the desire to be seen and acknowledged as a unique individual––to be recognized for your true self. When you stimulate your self-confidence, you can shine bright without fear of criticism or judgment. Learning to assert yourself without fear is a true benefit of balancing your solar-plexus energy.

Yoga practices designed to enhance your navel chakra can help you burn through layers of self-doubt and learn to trust your gut instincts. Physical asanas like twists and core-strengthening moves will build your strength from the outside in. Poses emphasizing balancing on one foot or on your hands require focus and engagement of the muscles in your center, which keep your spine healthy. These asanas and pranayama also stimulate our internal organs, which encourages energy to flow freely through our systems.

Transcending the physical, you can change how you feel from the inside out through targeted breath and meditation. Pranayama techniques like Kapalabhati breathing will stimulate your inner fire. Using meditation and mantras like, “I act on my desires and motivations” or “I honor the power within me” will boost your belief in your strength and abilities. Manipura chakra is the location where we can stoke the energy to manifest our desires. It is important to stay in touch with our center and trust our instincts. 

This week’s classes are specifically designed to enliven your Manipura chakra, boost your mood, strengthen your core, and leave you feeling shiny and bright. 

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