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Yoga For All of Us

Yoga For All of Us

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” - Bhagavad Gita

Every single one of us is unique. No identical fingerprints exist. Nobody can feel your feelings, think your thoughts, or experience the physical sensations you have. This week we are celebrating the differences between us––while keeping in mind what connects us––with yoga practices designed specifically for certain populations.

No one size fits all yoga practice exists. The considerable benefits of yoga for the physical, mental, and emotional bodies are available to everyone regardless of age, current health, and energy levels. We all progress through different seasons of our lives and our needs and desires change. Your yoga practice at age 21 is and should be different than your experience when you are 71. We are constantly evolving and so should our yoga practice.

Of course, you could take a variety of different classes and modify or amplify the sections which don’t work for your body or resonate with your inner self. Sometimes, you simply want a class that feels like the teacher created it just for you. 

Perhaps you’re a new mother and need to ease back into your regular practice and accommodate the changes in your body and emotions. Yoga for New Moms with Casey Feicht is the perfect class to help you transition back onto the mat. Or, as a guy, you want to check out Robert Sidoti’s Broga program, and receive a specialized program just for you. Two vastly different focuses but both classes offer all the benefits of flexibility, strength, balance, and peace of mind we all receive from yoga.

Dana Smith’s Open Your Heart from her Body Positivity program helps you focus on finding your inner joy, regardless of your external physical abilities. And if you’re not a teenager anymore, your yoga practice needs to evolve with each decade. Desiree Rumbaugh and Michelle Marchildon’s Find Strength Through Your Feet emphasizes staying strong from the ground up. These classes are a reminder that while yoga is for everyone, it can be adapted to suit each person's unique needs and bodies. 

No matter who you are, there is a yoga practice that will be perfect for you. Enjoy!

Robert Sidoti - Yoga for Men 1: Begin

Desiree Rumbaugh & Michelle Marchildon: Find Strength Through Your Feet

Dana Smith - Open Your Heart

Casey Feicht - Yoga for New Moms

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