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Full Moon & Eclipse Astrology Forecast: May 26, 2021

Full Moon & Eclipse Astrology Forecast: May 26, 2021

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This moon and lunar eclipse will be a spark of lightning from the depths of the unknown. It is both the Tower and the World card in Tarot. Sudden shifts to bring completion and awakened fulfillment. Intuition will be lit, and the energy is ripe to find divine within current realities. This moon will illuminate how we can create our own liberation from within the moment and what is in existence. 

This eclipse will reflect the eclipse from December 14, 2020. It will bring into light the depths of the worries, concerns, and aspects of desire from that period. This is a very revealing lunar eclipse occurring in Scorpio. The very nature will show secrets revealed and will call upon greater opening within the collective consciousness as it pertains to materialization of the self from the self.

The moon will eclipse in Saturn's Nakshatra of Anuradha, with Saturn in retrograde in it’s own sign; this marks a heavy unveiling of illusion. There is a strong mercurial energy occurring on the back end and the aim is to create harmony, peace, and stabilize from the depths of being.

The themes that challenge your security will naturally be brought to light. It will also reveal what order and stability must be altered to achieve liberation and harmony within the inner self.  As I mentioned in the New Moon, be mindful of creating conflict, and unnecessary stirring. This is a natural unconscious effect of loosening the energy that lies within current structures of relations that have already manifested. Be mindful with your words as Mars is in Gemini’s house at a strong position it can create endings from verbalization. It can also create endings into new wisdom and expansion of the heart.

Choose your fire wisely. An important aspect of this lunation is the placement that shows unconditional love.

Saturn in essence is non-conditioned. It is working to alter how manifestation is known from the inner self and will reveal what lies beyond our prescribed thoughts.

This full moon lunar eclipse will pull Saturn’s influence to show inner restrictions and outer implications that stand against the fullness of love. It is a creative realization within and from the self, that will rework beyond the mind and realms of time. This offers immense healing and transformative potential to recreate, self, world, and desires to be boundless and rooted in love. An important aspect of this lunation will play on relationships, there will be mirroring and the ability to see what projections are being mirrored throughout all relationships. An important aspect to note is any longing outside oneself will show here. Either needing from another, or needing for conditions and aspects to be a specific way to define love, inner self, or outer world. 

This will further awaken into what has been created within the relationship structures within self, love, divine, and how we see others in our created reality. This placement offers revelations throughout many ways of relating. It will work to open the purification and lead us individual and collective to greater harmony, the natural state. It will stir the collective into higher consciousness.

Harness your power, this eclipse possesses strong Kundalini energy stirring within Earth and our collective consciousness. What is within you is also arising around you. This Kundalini power has incredible healing powers, but also marks the way inner potentials will be fed with divine shakti.

How you allocate your energy, your inner resources will come to light. Many will experience stark shifts in consciousness and personal resolve will be challenged so you may discern what truly matters most. In addition, this shift will move out that which shakes your inner resolve.

Turmoil must be managed, and honesty owned. If you have created inner turmoil or conflict within your inner and outer world it will be revealed. Transmute this with love. The reflective aspects from the December 14th, 2020 eclipse are working to complete a cycle. It will illuminate the mental impressions at that time, and offer immense healing.

Timeless healing, meaning the ability to reorientate memories, experiences that have impressed upon current experiences and self-awareness. Mars has a special role in this Saturn heavy eclipse. He will reflect through relationships the bond tethered through time, and beyond time. Mars will carry courage, and wisdom into action. It is important to note that the planetary placements are heavily emphasizing heaven on earth in real time. Higher planes of existence into earthly life. As in many eclipses Mars and Saturn influences will cause swift shifts and tower moments to awaken self and bring forth more fulfilling embodiment of self as the creative power and more fulfilling relating within life. 

This lunation is awakening not the form or what the form symbolizes, but what is awakened, evolved, and realized within the self during the manifestation process. Godliness-divine creator and divine love as the source. Assimilation is key. Assimilation on all levels, will sustain naturally what serves and transforms. You must go beyond the present view.

Scorpio’s hidden meaning, is the unseen realms, the energy and creative power before form, and embodying form. When this is understood, the energy of the eclipse will work to unfold the potency of Kundalini, of divine feminine, and the higher potentials that are within. 

The eclipse is urging us to understand the mentality, the vibrations beyond form, and equally the self beyond desire, and personality. The unconditional love that lives within, but also to become closer to the unconditional self. This eclipse will warp us beyond time, this point reconciles past and future from within. Dispel ignorance is to own your true self. Emotional ebbs and flows will be high for a week before and after the eclipse. Any physical changes, alterations to a personal goal, plans, and how to organize things will become clear during this time. Polarity in emotions must be released.

Sorrow and happiness must be treated with the same equanimity. This will work with Martian energy to bring heaven on earth, and open one up to their true unconditional nature. It will aid in owning self and work with deeper spiritual forces that are occurring during this moon. Emotional stirring will aid in releasing attachment dependent on external satisfaction. This creates more room for divine grace to flow. Illusions of the mind must be exposed. See the truth.

Release natural blocks within the mind tethered to seeking and unrealistic expectations. This is reflected in all relationships. Lean into all that is being shown, hold nothing, and know all shades of emotions, and thoughts are leading the self back to truth. Remember to see beyond expectations, so you may learn from disappointments. They are showing where attachment lives, and where equanimity needs to be applied. 

Be well my loves,

Geenie (Gemma) Celento
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Geenie, also known as Gemma, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, astrologer, and student of the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage. Her classes on YogaDownload are often inspired by astrology and aimed to guide each student to unfold a deeper connection from within. Her diverse knowledge and continued studies in the spiritual sciences can be felt in her class offerings. With humble devotion Gemma weaves the wisdom of yogic practices into accessible and impactful mat experiences. 

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