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Full Moon & Eclipse Astrology Forecast: May 26, 2021
Full Moon & Eclipse Astrology Forecast: May 26, 2021
Listen to the Full Audio Reading. This moon and lunar eclipse will be a spark of lightning from the depths of the unknown. It is both the Tower and the World card in Tarot. Sudden shifts to bring completion and awakened fulfillment. Intuition will be lit, and the energy is ripe to find divine within current realities. This moon will illuminate how we can create our own liberation from within the moment and what is in existence. This eclipse will reflect the eclipse from December 14, 2020. It will bring into light the depths of the worries, concerns, and aspects of desire from that period. This is a very revealing lunar eclipse occurring in Scorpio. The very nature will show secrets revealed and will call upon greater opening within the collective consciousness as it pertains to materialization of the self from the self. The moon will eclipse in Saturn's Nakshatra of Anuradha, with Saturn in retrograde in it’s own sign; this marks a heavy unveiling of illusion. There is a strong mercurial energy occurring on the back end and the aim is to create harmony, peace, and stabilize from the depths of being.