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Balance Your Solar Plexus Center: The 3rd Chakra, Manipura

Balance Your Solar Plexus Center: The 3rd Chakra, Manipura

The Third Chakra, Solar Plexus (also called Manipura Chakra), relates to the region of the body that goes from the navel to the lower third of the rib cage. 

If the physical body were a cell, the third chakra would be the mitochondria. The solar plexus creates our relationship with what we are physically able to achieve. 

The third chakra may also correspond with our to-do list and the expectations we have on ourselves for what we want, or may not want to get done on a physical level. 

While anxiety and burn-out may have a way of creeping into any chakra, I often see those frequencies manifest within this region of the body. 

We can do energy work on “burn out” until the cows come home, but often the body desires much more than meditation to refresh, restore, and transform the body’s longing for relief, space, and nourishment. 

Meditation can help create the container in which we give ourselves more space and drop us into the present moment, and that can help us co-create a reality in which more physical space and room to breathe may manifest. 

Another highlight of this region is how it interplays within that survival space we all have, depending on your history with how fight, flight, or freeze responses have played out in your unique history. 

Now, just because we may have some energy triggered in our third chakra, doesn’t mean it can’t physically affect regions of our body that aren’t within the navel to lower rib cage. 

For instance, a lot of the foreign energy I have found within my third chakra tends to physically manifest for me in the area around my neck and upper back. 

Often times when we are working on transforming the energy within a certain chakra we find the next layer of a pattern we are working on, in other various regions of the body that are physically asking us for attention. 

One of the best ways to dive into this is using your own awareness and sense of self-discovery to quiet the mind and get in tune with the breath

Sitting or laying, breate in and out with an awareness on the breath for the first 10-15 cycles of breath. Then notice if there are regions of the body where the breath wants to go. Hold the intention that the inhale in creating space within those regions of the body and the exhale is releasing energy that is no longer serving you or is no longer in affinity with your truth, in those affected areas.

You can also use our breath to help us release the energy of our to-do list being stored within the body. Inhale space for your body to vibrate in the present moment, and exhale the energetic demands of what needs to be done so that we may process it as we physically function as opposed to energetically bathing in it within the realm of that third chakra. 

By Angela Droughton

Practice yoga for your third chakra, from home, right now!

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