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7-Day Anxiety Relief Immersion Program

With nearly 300 million people worldwide suffering from anxiety in some form, it is the top mental health struggle in the world. If you are one of the people who suffer from anxiety sometimes, take solace that you are not alone, nor are you helpless. If you are not, you might experience high-levels of stress sometimes yourself.

There are many things you can do to create more calmness and peace of mind for yourself, including the practice of yoga. Yoga and meditation have been proven to help decrease feelings of anxiousness both in the long and short term. Yoga relaxes your nervous system on a deep level, which allows you to feel more calm and centered and less on edge.

To experience the benefits of yoga and meditation in alleviating anxiety, you must take the time and show up to do these practices. Often when one feels plagued with anxiety, actually getting onto the yoga mat can be harder than anything you do in class. This program is designed to make it easier for you to let go of stress and anxiety through yoga and meditation, without an overwhelming time commitment or needing to leave your home.

For seven consecutive days, you will be given three daily class choices, all between 10 - 50 minutes. There will be one upbeat yoga class to make you sweat when you need to move to release tension. There will be one nourishing and gentle yoga class option, for the days where you need to just unwind, and receive the calming benefits of yoga. And there will be one meditation or Yoga Nidra class option, to give your mind deep healing and help create longer-lasting change. Each class is optional, and we recommend you try one of the yoga classes each day, followed by the daily meditation, for the maximum effect. If you're really feeling inspired, you are welcome to practice all three classes for the day, and if you feel like practicing one class per day, that works too. The program will provide a framework to keep you on track, with room to modify and make the classes work for you.

The beauty of using yoga and meditation practices as tools to alleviate anxiety is that they are all-natural with no negative side effects, and you can practice them every single day. In one week, you will begin to notice changes to your mood and over time if you stay with it, more profound changes can take place. It is possible to go from a person prone to incessant worrying, to regularly experiencing feelings of peacefulness over time.

Also included in this program, is a 7-Day program guide with a recipe and either a journaling activity or anxiety relief tip included for each day. This immersion will help create new patterns of calm and confidence within you. Give yourself permission to chill out and let go and get ready to start feeling better.

  • Anyone who needs help relaxing
  • Those who desire both short-term and long-term anxiety relief
  • Advanced yoga beginners & up

  • 24 yoga and meditation classes: 3 class choices per day + 3 bonus classes
  • 1 gentle yoga class, 1 higher-intensity yoga class, and 1 guided meditation option daily
  • Classes to make you calm, collected, and relaxed
  • 7-Day Program guide that includes recipes, journaling activities, and anxiety relief tips


Full Program
7-Day Anxiety Relief Immersion Program
$ 54.00
$ 54.00
Program Items
Day 1 Move: Flow Within In this class you will work on moving through transitions, staying present and balancing our give and take in each posture while getting a bit lost in the rhythm of it all.
Day 1 Relax: Yoga for the Anxious Moments In this class you will begin with that immediate victory to inspire a conscious relationship with the breath.
Day 1 Meditate: Coherent Breath When this practice is done for a minimum of 3 minuets a day for 3 days it creates a connection that the body finds on its own.
Day 2 Move: Build Your Inner Fire This class will push you just enough to ignite that inner strength and leave you standing taller in your own power.
Day 2 Relax: Yin Yoga for Stress Relief This practice grounds you with breath awareness and takes you through a sequence of yin poses that quiets your mind.
Day 2 Meditate: Meditate & Cultivate Calm This 15-minute meditation is ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced meditators, with an emphasis on enjoying the process, and staying connected to your breath.
Day 3 Move: The Conditions for Joy This well rounded practice will challenge, uplift, and support you to focus internal rather than external and look someplace new for power.
Day 3 Relax: Yoga for Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia This delicious sequence of practices for body, breath and mind aim to relax, restore and rejuvenate - a wonderful counterbalance to daily stress and anxiety.
Day 3 Meditate: Transform Tension into Vitality This meditation drops you into a highly restorative state, empowering visualization to release stress binds and move Prana (life force) freely throughout your entire being.
Day 4 Move: Fitness & Yoga: Cardio & Core In this class you'll power through leg lifts and locust pose to balance and strengthen the core and stretch the shoulders.
Day 4 Relax: Evening Yoga for Stress Relief Whether you're stressed out, or just need a good stretch and to calm down before bed, this practice consists of accessible, deeply relaxing poses, that open your whole body and relax your mind.
Day 4 Meditate: Tibetan Yoga Nidra Gain deep relaxation and inspiration from this unique combination of classical therapeutic Yoga Nidra and the Tibetan practice of Sky Breath.
Day 5 Move: Copasetic Flow Taking your practice inward to support the healing and expansion of the heart is what this class is about.
Day 5 Relax: Yin Yoga & Breathwork for Relaxation It's easy to become over-stimulated and chronically stressed your in modern day life - this practice teaches you to exhale, pause and create space.
Day 5 Meditate: Metta Meditation This meditation practice invites us to send happiness, health, and freedom out into the world without needing to leave our home.
Day 6 Move: Turn Your Day Around Whether you're having an excellent day or struggling, this short practice will get stuck energy flowing, your breath deep, and leave you feeling refreshed.
Day 6 Relax: Yoga Nidra for Self Healing Go deeply into every part of the body and restore and heal your body and mind with this yoga nidra practice.
Day 6 Meditate: Anytime Wind Down Need a quick break to wind down? This short class will help you slow down, decompress, and let go of tension.
Day 7 Move: Everyday Yamas: Ahimsa This vinyasa flow explores the intention of searching the "himsa" (the Sanskrit term that means to injure or harm) within.
Day 7 Relax: You Are Resilient AF This short Yin class starts with alternate nostril breathing to get your body into a parasympathetic state in hopes to take you deeper into rest and digest and away from fight or flight with the long holds of each shape.
Day 7 Meditate:Live the Dream: A Vision Meditation Find a comfortable seat and take a mental, heartfelt journey into your own future with this meditation class.
Bonus: Inner Strength: Yin Yoga for Self-Trust This Yin practice builds the endurance of your spirit and reminds you that you have all that you need.
Bonus: Slow Yoga Reset This slow-paced all-levels yoga class combines Hatha and Yin styles of yoga to help you reduce stress and tension in both your mind and body so that you can feel refreshed.
Bonus: Pranayama to Ground & Calm the Mind In this short session you will explore breathing and an easy short meditation to feel better instantly.
Anxiety Relief Immersion Program and Recipe Guide Seven days of recipes, journaling activities, and anxiety relieving tips to complement the classes for this program.