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Learn Yoga Massage: Tap into the Power of Touch

Learn Yoga Massage: Tap into the Power of Touch

Did you know that the first sense we become aware of as babies is touch? More than sight, smell, taste, and sound, touch is what helps us feel a true sense of connection with the people around us. There’s nothing quite like a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a while, holding hands with your partner or child, or simply receiving a pat on the back.

In certain cultures, kissing on the cheek is a common greeting, while other countries might frown upon even a handshake. Within your family or group of friends, touching could be common or non-existent. No matter the environment, many of us can go through an entire day or days without touching anyone at all. Lack of touch correlates with feeling disconnected, and we’re here with some new ways to change that.

Touch is vital for overall health and wellness on a long-term basis.

Even if you are regularly practicing yoga and have developed a strong mind-body connection, you may still not feel as happy and fulfilled as you wish to be. Yoga helps us quiet our minds, connect with our emotions, and tune into our body’s signals. Sharing how we feel with others via touch takes it a step further.

Ample research exists from psychiatrists to massage therapists, documenting how even a hug or pat on the back can lower anxiety levels, increase serotonin levels in your brain, and increase your mind-body connection.  When you feel good, you are in the position to share your positive energy with others. Of course, we’re not suggesting you run up and hug everyone you see whether you know them or not! But if you’d like to learn some different ways to get closer to those you care about, we’re here for you.

This week, we’re offering exciting new classes of Thai yoga massage techniques from yoga therapist Shy Sayar. Acquire new skills to harness all the benefits of the power of touch and see how you can become more connected with those around you. Treat yourself and the people you love will benefit from you practicing on them!

1. Shy Sayar Therapeutic Yoga Massage: Lower Body

2. Shy Sayar Therapeutic Yoga Massage: Upper Body

3. Shy Sayar Therapeutic Yoga Massage: Harmonics

4. Shy Sayar Therapeutic Yoga Massage Techniques

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