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8 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for New Moms

8 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for New Moms

Having a baby is one of the most incredible things you can do. Unfortunately, babies demand a lot of time and energy and it can be tough to find time for yourself as a new mom. It’s important for all moms to know how to rest and relax though.

With that in mind, here are some great relaxation and meditation tips for new moms. 

1. Create a Sacred Space at Home 

One of the first things that new moms want to do is create designated space in the house where they are able to retreat and enjoy some quality quiet time if they need it. It can be somewhere you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the corner, or it could be a full room like a bedroom or the home office. What matters is that you keep this sacred space free from distractions and pack it with things that help you smile. 

2. Practice Being Present 

Another way to practice relaxation and meditation is to practice being present and grounded at the moment. Studies show that stress and anxiety get worse when people start to worry about the future and things that haven’t happened, and likely won’t happen. It can be difficult to stop your mind when it starts getting away from you.

Calm down your mind by focusing on the here and now, appreciate it and enjoy the small moments you spend with your family and even the things you enjoy about being at work. Stay in the present, let the future worry about itself. 

3. Learn to Meditate 

Proper meditation begins with knowing how to meditate properly. You want to find a comfortable space without any distractions. You can use candles or incense to really “set the mood” and prepare yourself for meditation.

Some people meditate by focusing on a single image in their mind, while others take in their body and what is happening. Perhaps the easiest way to meditate is through breathing. Just focus on your breathing. Don’t change it though. Breathe naturally as you always do and keep your back straight. If you have trouble with meditating, then there are plenty of guided meditation apps and videos available that can help. 

4. Decompress and Take a Moment to Relax 

One of the most important things you can do is take a minute to relax and decompress and get away from things. Music is a great way to relax. Good music enhances your mood and helps you to relax, which is why some people meditate to music. Listening to soothing and calming music slows down your heart, reduces blood pressure, and just helps you take your mind off of everything. Find something that helps you relax, and do it when the pressure starts to mount. 

5. Practice Simple Breathing Techniques 

Breathing can have both positive and negative effects on your state of mind. When you start breathing rapidly, such as due to panic, it makes you feel more stress and anxiety. Similarly, breathing has calming effects that can renew your overall sense of well-being and relax you. From self-awareness to positive thoughts and increasing a sense of calm, conscious breathing has plenty of benefits.

Practice some simple breathing techniques such as breathing in through your nose and out your mouth and see the difference just breathing differently can make. 

6. Take up Journaling 

Keeping a journal is a great way to relax and unwind. Outside of helping you to stay organized, they help relieve tension that builds up over the week. Writing your thoughts and feelings down and having them on paper (or a document on your computer) is very therapeutic. It’s a great way for a busy new mom to contemplate her experiences, learn from them, and relax. 

7. Schedule a Spa Day 

Spa days are fantastic for treating yourself and escaping from the stress of everyday life. Taking the time to schedule a spa day helps you recharge and relax. You can find a great deal with services online.

You don’t need to book yourself into a fancy expensive spa to get all of the benefits. You could even create a home spa where you can relax at home without needing to break the bank. Get some essential oils and a face mask and have the most luxurious bath of your life. 

8. Do More of What You Love 

One of the easiest ways to relax is to just cut back on the stressful things in life and replace them with things that you love. Do you enjoy reading, cooking certain meals, or watching certain shows and movies? Take time out of your day to do those things. Make them a priority and enjoy doing more of what you love in life. 

By Liyana Perry

Liyana Perry is a writer at, she has a passion for writing blogs about natural health and spirituality. She enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.

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