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8 Fun and Healthy Activities for Couples to Deepen Bonding

8 Fun and Healthy Activities for Couples to Deepen Bonding

Being loved up and part of a couple is a great thing, especially when you start to share parts of your life together. However, after a few years - you might find yourself grabbing the remote and binge-watching Netflix instead of getting out and doing new and exciting activities as a couple. It’s important to give the time to come up with fun and exciting date ideas, and do things together to strengthen your bond and keep your romance exciting.

Here’s our top 8 ideas of activities to do as a couple, to deepen your bond, instill healthy habits together, and keep things fresh!


We may be biased, but we think yoga is a great activity to share with your loved one to deepen your bond. Partner yoga is a challenging activity which can increase your relationship quality and attraction. The intimacy involved can also help to renew your relationship. Having to rely on and lean on your partner to achieve poses requires strong communication and trust, which can only improve your relationship bonds. And you’ll get to reap the many benefits of practicing yoga together, as well as share a new hobby.

Cook together

Rather than making it a chore, cooking together can be a great date idea to bring you closer together. There’s something special about laboring over a meal that you will get to enjoy together, just the two of you. You could even buy a cook book and work your way through all the recipes, or go to a cookery class together to improve on your skills.

Redecorate together

There’s a great sense of achievement and teamwork in getting together to redecorate part of your house. Collaborating together on how you want your room to look, what colours to use or where to put furniture is a beautiful thing to share as a couple. Afterwards, you’ll have a finished product and space that you worked together to achieve and get to live in and create memories in together. 

Try new hobbies together

You may have an array of different interests and hobbies, but are there any hobbies you both have that you can do together? Find a common interest and look for a hobby you can try together, such as sports, hiking, crafts or anything else! Trying something new together is a great way to become closer as a couple and discover shared interest.

Play games together

Introduce a little competitive fun with a games night for you and your partner. Card games, board games, or even videogames can help to relieve stress, as well as create fun for you as a couple. Just make sure to keep the competitiveness friendly!

Go somewhere new

You don’t have to jump on a plane to discover a new place. Why not spend an afternoon walking around your nearby towns and neighborhoods, exploring the streets and checking out the local shops and cafes. Who knows, you might even find your dream place to live in one of these excursions!

Go to see a concert together

Live music is a great thing to experience with your loved one, whether it’s a stadium tour or a small and intimate gig in a local pub. Discover new bands or DJ's you’ve never heard before by being spontaneous and going to see the next gig playing in your nearest venue. Or you can share the music you love, and take it in turns choosing an artist to see live, and bring your partner as your plus one. This is a great way to share interests and to give insights about each other.

Have an at-home date night

Get dressed up to the nines and make at-home cocktails, put on a killer playlist and have your date night in the comfort of your own home. Spending time together doesn't mean going out and spending lots of money, and you can recreate that date-night magic in your own house.

Read together

Create a book club for two, and take turns in reading each other’s literary choices. You can then sit down and talk about what you liked about the book, and share each other’s thoughts and opinions. You may even gain a perspective you’d never thought about before.

Garden together

Whether you have a huge lawn with space to grow flowers and plants, or just have an indoor garden, creating some green space in your home and watching it grow is a great activity to do together. You can connect to the natural world and nurture your green fingers together.

By Amy Cavill

Practice yoga with your partner, for a fun and healthy couple's activity, right now!

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