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Strong Muscles & Healthy Bones

Strong Muscles & Healthy Bones

We like strong bones and we cannot lie…and toned muscles and healthy joints are awesome yoga benefits too. A regular yoga practice gives you flexibility and mobility, but this week we bring you four classes especially targeted toward building bone and joint health. Without stability and strength, you can become more susceptible to injury and who wants that? Invest some time into bolstering your bones and protecting your joints in order to continue all of your daily activities feeling great.

To balance out the flexibility and mobility aspect of yoga, we suggest you try these new classes from two of your favorite instructors. Ben Davis' - Fitness n' Yoga: Sea Star Flow will get you moving and ensure you are working your muscles to build strength, stability and functional fitness. You may already know that weight-bearing exercise is vital to keeping your skeleton healthy. You don’t have to jog or run in order to build muscular strength and bone health, because all standing yoga poses are weight-bearing.

So, when you’re in Warrior II or I, you are actually creating more stability and balance in your muscles and bones. Move into Tree Pose for just thirty seconds and by balancing on one leg you start rebuilding the bone we all lose as we age.

A healthy spine is essential for great posture and preventing back pain. One of the best ways to maintain spinal health is with a toned, strong core. Check out the latest class from Pradeep Teotia - Core & More.

Solid bones provide the foundation for solid joints, where the bones connect. Yoga can help increase the range of motion in your joints, like those in your shoulders, elbows, and knees, which translates into ease in your daily activities. It is vital to keep your joints healthy and strengthening your muscles with yoga asana can help support the body and keep the joints stress-free. If you don’t have the muscular strength to balance on one leg for example, your joints will begin to bear the stress and become unstable. A well-rounded yoga practice will encourage the circulation of synovial fluid in your joints. This liquid, along with cartilage, ensure the bones can move without pain and grinding. Healthy joints keep your movements smooth and steady.

Take a little time to supplement your regular classes and get a gentle release for your joints with Shy Sayar’s Therapeutic Yoga for the Joints and Caitlin Rose Kenney’s Gentle Joint Release. These practices will complement all the other activities you do. Healthy joints and bones, strong and supple muscles, and a balanced calm mind––step onto your mat today and enjoy all the benefits yoga offers.

Enjoy this week's new classes now!

Caitlin Rose Kenney - Gentle Joint Release

Shy Sayar - Therapeutic Yoga for the Joints

Pradeep Teotia - Core & More

Ben Davis - Fitness n' Yoga - Sea Star Flow

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