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3 Ways to Celebrate the International Day of Yoga

3 Ways to Celebrate the International Day of Yoga

From India to Indiana and everywhere in between, International Day of Yoga is a monumental celebration for yogis around the world. It’s happening on June 21st, the first day of summer and the solstice - when the sun is at its highest peak in the year. This auspicious day brings yogis of all ages, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds together to celebrate both our individuality and universality.

Here are 3 ways you can join the International Day of Yoga festivities and promote harmony, foster good health and the overall well-being of the planet:

On the Mat

New to yoga? International Day of Yoga is the perfect time to start your practice because you’ll have the energy of the world’s yoga community behind you. If going to a studio is challenging for time, money or any other reason, enroll in YogaDownload’s Yoga 101 series for everything you need to start unlocking the serious benefits of yoga. If you’re already a seasoned practitioner, use June 21st as a moment to mix things up. Try a pose that’s always intimidated you, or head somewhere new for your daily practice, or share it with a friend.

Off the Mat

The philosophy of yoga teaches us that there are many ways to practice. ‘Seva’ or the practice of service is one such form of Yoga. On this day, dedicated to Yoga,  direct your time, and energy towards a random act of kindness or selflessness. Donate food to the homeless, clothes to the ones in need or care for a friend or a complete stranger; there are endless ways to channel the lessons learnt on the mat and apply them to  life outside. This truly is a great way to honor your practice. Set your yoga in action by stepping outside your comfort zone, to meet and help people who live different lives than yours. At YogaDownload, we believe that giving back is not only a cornerstone in the philosophy of yoga, but also a critical element for enriching our lives, helping our community and bettering our world. A portion of the proceeds from all Yoga Download purchases benefit these charities. This is our version of practicing Seva.

Inspire Others

As a yogi, you can give others the gift of yoga and inspire them to embark on their own journey. Spreading the word about yoga is an act free from ego - directed towards helping others find their balance. Share your positive experience with your partner or your best friend, invite them to do yoga with you, start a mini yoga challenge with your coworkers or sign up to become a yoga teacher. There are so many ways you can inspire others to experience this total mind-body transformation. And you never know, you may start a domino effect - anyone you inspire could one day pass it forward to their, friends, family and even strangers.

We take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Yoga Day. Hope you grow deeper into your practice with every passing day, to create a “confusion-free mind, an inhibition-free intellect, a sorrow-free soul and a harmonious environment.”

No matter what you do, make it a point to  #GoYourOMWay.

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