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45 min class (46:53)
$ 7.99
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Strong Back, Soft Front

Elise Fabricant

Brené Brown, a great thought leader of our time, talks of "Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart." In this class we will explore how strengthening our back body can soften our front body, ultimately unleashing our wild, unfettered heart.

This class starts slowly so that you can experience the actions of strengthening the back body, from heels to head. Eventually the pace picks up and includes a unique flow from plank to forearm plank to sphinx to dolphin. You'll also play with common poses in uncommon ways, and kick butt on a (invisible) pull-up bar!

Throughout this moderately vigorous class there's an invitation to clarify your backbone, i.e. what you stand for in this world. As you wind down with some sweet restorative poses, you'll also have a chance to replenish the compassion in your heart.

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