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Morning Quickie 2

Elise Fabricant

You asked for it, finally a sequel to your favorite Morning Quickie class! This class is FREE

You'll start this FREE session on your back, slowly stretching away the stiffness and soreness accumulated in your body overnight. Within a few magical minutes you'll have opened your hips, moved your spine in all directions, flowed through a graceful sun salutation variation, and challenged your balance and concentration.

Take 20 minutes to wake up intentionally with yoga; your whole day will be sweetly improved.

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This FREE Morning Quickie yoga class is brought to you by:
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CEO Jamie's fave is Cacao with Reishi.
'I mix it with warm coconut milk and add a bit of coconut oil for an extra kick of creaminess and flavor.
It’s the perfect way to relax, unwind, and signal to my brain that it’s time for rest.'

Social Media guru, Emma's, fave is a blend of Lion’s Mane and Chaga to really kick start her day.
'I make my favorite coffee, blend in the elixirs, and add a dash of oat milk.
It really turns my brain on and it’s what I look forward to each morning!'

We're so in love with this brand and the power of mushrooms that we partnered up with Four Sigmatic to help spread the word.

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