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40 min class (38:42)
$ 3.99
45 min class (44:15)
$ 5.99
55 min class (55:34)
$ 6.99
60 min class (1:02:36)
$ 7.99
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25 min class (25:00)
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$ 4.99
45 min class (45:00)
$ 5.99
60 min class (1:00:00)
$ 6.99

Yin Yoga

Elise Fabricant

This is a very slow, gentle, centering yoga practice that incorporates passive resting poses done on the floor. Unlike most yoga classes that include dynamic flow poses (yang), Yin yoga works to dramatically increase flexibility and enhance the energy distribution through the body by holding poses for long periods of time. It utilizes postures that rehabilitate connective tissue in the spine, low back, hips and thighs, and are deeply rejuvenating.

Teaching Yin Yoga is an artform and Elise's teachings through this class are just that. This class is suitable for all levels of ability.

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