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Yoga for Detox: Overindulgence + Unleash Your Inner Power

 Yoga for Detox: Overindulgence + Unleash Your Inner Power

As 2017 comes to a close, ask yourself how are you feeling? Do you feel strong? Powerful? Are you shining your inner light to the world at one hundred percent or do you feel weighed down physically, emotionally, or mentally?  

We’re thrilled to offer a brand new package: Yoga for Detox: Overindulgence to help you release any extra baggage PLUS four new classes this week designed to fuel your inner power.

The end of the year is an excellent time to check in and connect to your center. In order to find clarity and truly see yourself, it’s necessary to shed whatever excess may be concealing your true sense of self. 

First, burn off the layers that are hindering you with our new program designed for detoxification, just in time to balance out the holiday season. The last few months of the year are full of holiday feasts, travel, and more time to lounge around like a couch potato. If you’ve consumed a few extra glasses of wine or slices of pie, you may need a special boost to reset your energy levels. Also, stress levels can accelerate now, so dedicating yourself to your yoga practice is key to reaching 2018 feeling good. Try our new program:

Yoga for Detox: Overindulgence







1. Yoga for Hangovers- Ashley Turner

2. Reset Refuge : Come Home to Yourself- Elise Fabricant

3. Toxic Twist- Pradeep Teotia

4. Wash, Rinse, Repeat : Freedom Through Twists- Angie Arnold

5. Let's Get Twisted- Rob Loud

Use our new Detox package to shed old habits and behaviors that no longer serve you.  Clear out not just your physical body, but your thoughts and emotions too. Once you’ve cleared out the noise, tune into your emotions and the messages your body is sending you, you are free to express your personal power. Now it’s time to stoke your personal power!

Yoga offers the tools to help tap into your prana and unleash your unique inner light. When you recognize what’s creating self-doubt, you can make better choices. To rediscover your self-confidence and present your best self to the world, we suggest focusing on the subtle body. The subtle body is similar to an electrical “force field” or exact blueprint, which provides vital life force to the physical or gross body. One of the seven main chakras located in your energetic body is the Manipura or Navel Chakra. It’s where the seat of your self-confidence and identity reside. Find your inner power with Empowerment Flow 1: I Think I Can, the latest class by Jackie Casal Mahrou.

Tap into your self-discipline or tapas to find balance and stoke your confidence. Erin Wimert’s Wake Up! and Pradeep Teotia’s Oh My Asana: Power Flow offer vigorous practices designed to stimulate the fire in your belly. Or, try a different kind of flow with Shy Sayar’s Powerful Yoga with No Weight on the Hands. Work on your confidence from the outside in with asana, and from the inside out with pranayama, mantras and meditation. 

Believe in yourself.

The universal mantra for meditation is So Hum, which translates to I Am and is an excellent tool to tune into your inner confidence. Trust you have the power within you and practice to release it! Feel it, believe it, and practice it this week with these empowering practices to connect you to your personal strength.

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