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10-Day Hanumanasana Immersion: Get into the Splits

It can be said that if you take a yoga class where you can do every pose perfectly, you are in the wrong class! It is important to not get too comfortable, even in your yoga practice, and explore more advanced yoga postures that can take many years to achieve, to keep you humble and inspired. Yoga is about the journey towards these poses, more than the end result, and being content with wherever you currently are in your practice.

Splits pose, named Hanumanasana in Sanskrit, is a pose that takes real time, effort, and precision to come into. The only way to get good at doing the Splits pose is to actually spend the time practicing the pose, daily, for a consistent period of time, while refining your technique. It is then, you will see progress and eventually be able to advance into the shape. Splits is an excellent teacher of patience and consistency.

Hanumanasana's numerous physical benefits include stretching and strengthening your legs, hips, psoas, and gluteal muscles. Regular practice of the pose will also help to alleviate back pain and improve posture.

Hanumansana symbolizes the spirit of Hanuman, a playful monkey figure in yogic mythology. Hanuman's stories, lessons, and the yoga pose named after him, teach us about the importance of unity and remaining open to love. Splits, it also one of the most powerful postures for your Root Chakra, Mulhadhara, which increases feelings of groundedness and stability,

This is an all-encompassing, well-rounded Humanasana Immersion, has classes teach technique and others that educate on the mythology of the pose from expert teachers. You'll receive new insights and real time to spend in the pose, where the most growth and transformation happens.

If you want to master more advanced postures in your practice but can't seem to dedicate the time, this 10-day Immersion is laid out for your success, and evolution into Splits, and you will experience real progress towards Hanumanasana.

  • Intermediate yoga practitioners
  • Anyone who wants to feel their best physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Those ready to get into top yoga shape, through five days of consistent practice

  • 10 classes and over 7.5 hours of specially designed yoga classes to get you into Hanumanasana
  • A well-rounded immersion that educates you on technique, preparation, and philosophy
  • A program to keep you accountable, consistent, and progressing


Full Program
10-Day Hanumanasana Immersion: Get into the Splits
$ 48.00
$ 48.00
Program Items
Day 1: Hanumanasana Helper Hanumanasana, or the splits, is hard even on the best of days, this short video is designed to provide a path to practice it.
Day 2: Hanuman's Journey - The Tale of Friendship This class features an intelligently sequenced vinyasa practice that centers around the mythology and philosophy of the tale of the Ramayana and Hanuman's journey within it.
Day 3: Hamstring Hips & Hanuman This class is a slow flow focused on the lower half of the body, mainly the hips, hamstrings and quadriceps.
Day 4: Heart of Hanuman: Leap into Compassion This engaging class features chanting, the legend of Hanuman woven throughout, along with fun poses that bring the myth to life.
Day 5: Steady is the New Strong: Legs This class details how to align, practice and firm the muscles of the legs with a thorough demonstration of poses.
Day 6: Get into the Splits! This class is a ONEarth Align and Flow workshop-style practice to inspire an empowered and creative approach towards the forward splits, Hanumanasana.
Day 7: Hanumanasana Flow This is a descriptive and medium paced class combines vinyasa flow with longer holds of deep hip opening postures.
Day 8: Yoga for Flexibility The main purpose of the class is to get you feeling wonderful, so expects deep breaths coupled to poses that have a therapeutic benefit in your joints and muscles.
Day 9: Hanuman: Leap of Faith This practice begins with a courageously leap toward the top of the mat, toward handstands, toward what we believe is not yet possible, and by the end we will settle into the doubt that arises in stillness.
Day 10: Practice Patience Flow If patience is one of your challenges, try this juicy flow culminating in Hanumanasana (splits) - it doesn't matter if you make it into the peak pose, the effort, patience and mental calm is the true reward.