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$ 62.00

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2-Week Yoga for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

This collection of classes will help create both short-term relief and long-term healing to your back, shoulders, neck, and entire upper body. Your whole body is connected, so you will also help bring the rest of your body and spine into more optimal alignment in the process.

Two weeks of a daily and deliberate yoga practice can create real change and notable relief. Even if you've suffered from pain, discomfort, or poor posture for a long time, yoga can help reverse long standing patterns, and create lasting healing. Yoga is also an excellent preventative measure, so this program is suitable for anyone not suffering, but wanting to keep their shoulders and neck in good health for a long time to come.

This program contains 14 yoga classes and two weeks worth of classes from expert teachers. There are also two bonus meditation classes as studies increasingly show that regular meditation also helps relieve pain and physical discomfort.

The classes in this series use different approaches and techniques to retrain your muscles to discover and maintain proper alignment. Some classes are more gentle, some go directly to the roots of your shoulder and neck problems, some create more strength, and together they create a balanced and sustainable approach to opening and relieving tension.

Enjoy this full repertoire of specially designed yoga sequences to alleviate your discomfort, improve your posture, and help you feel good. Come back to the classes that feel most effective in healing your upper body as many times as you need. Strong and healthy shoulders and neck will keep the rest of your body in better health, help you carry yourself with more confidence, and improve your overall well-being.

  • Anyone suffering from tension, discomfort, or pain in their upper body
  • Those who want to prevent neck and shoulder injuries
  • Anyone who wants to improve their posture
  • Advanced yoga beginners and up
  • 16 classes specifically designed to heal your shoulders and neck
  • A program to create short-term and long-term healing in your upper body
  • Practices of various and complementary yoga styles from expert teachers


Full Program
Yoga for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief: 2wk Program
$ 62.00
$ 62.00
Program Items
Day 1: Strengthen, Protect, & Heal the Upper Body Try this class and balance the strength you have developed in your wrists, neck, chest, shoulders and arms.
Day 2: Yoga for Back Pain Back to the basics with this session specifically designed to soothe the pain in your back or prevent back pain from occurring in the future.
Day 3: Yin for your Upper Body This class will help you find where stress is manifesting in your upper back, neck and shoulders - you can expect to finish feeling wide, expansive and free.
Day 4: Tech Neck This simple class can certainly help unwind the ouchies and falling shoulders caused by spending more time on the computer and empower the yummy feelings!
Day 5:Yoga Therapeutics for Shoulders & Upper Back Learn how to deeply, safely, and effectively unlock tight shoulders, and that pesky, traditionally stuck thoracic spine in this all levels class.
Day 6: 30-Minute Shoulder & Upper Body Love There is a little bit of everything in this class, including pranayama, and you'll open your entire body, with an extra emphasis on your shoulders, neck, and upper body.
Day 7:Clearing the Heart & Unloading the Shoulders This sequence will explore shoulder openers such as inversions and arm balances to integrate the least stable joint of the body and access the seat of wisdom in our heart’s center.
BONUS: Yoga Nidra for Self-Healing Go deeply into every part of the body with your consciousness in order to bring the powerful therapeutic qualities of love and forgiveness to bear on any dis-ease, present or future.
Day 8: Neck Nirvana This sweet, slow, short sequence includes seated twists, lunges and shoulder stretches and winds down with restorative variations of Setu Bhanda and Savasana that will leave your heart light and your neck feeling so much better.
Day 9: Iyengar Yoga to Improve Your Postur Proper posture requires you to have firmly planted feet, straight legs, a strong core and open chest and shoulders - this class will leave you standing taller and teach you tips on how to maintain good posture when you step off your mat.
Day 10: Gentle Yin for Your Neck This class starts with gentle neck and shoulder stretches, and then moves into longer yin-like holds to release the last bits of tension from these important body areas.
Day 11: Yoga for Upper Body Strength This practice is for yogis needing a more isolated practice in both pushing and pulling for balanced upper body strength so they can safely practice sun salutations, inversions, arm balances and backbends.
Day 12: Core Strength, the Iyengar Way This strength-building class will teach you how to stabilize with your core while working your limbs in poses like Locust Pose, 4-Limbed Staff Pose, and Side Plank Pose.
Day 13: Warrior Heal Thyself: The Neck While this class delves into all the major physical challenges that older warriors face in life, it focuses on the neck and it's potential problems – including vertigo, fracture and nerve damage from bulging discs.
Day 14: Upper Body & Shoulder Opening Flow This no muss, no fluff, asana class is about moving, opening and feeling good in the body- great for anyone who has a stiff upper back and shoulders (desk jockeys, hair dressers, nursing mothers, athletes, etc.).
BONUS: Body & Mind Relaxation Meditation With elements from Vipasana meditation, this class will gently scan and relax your entire physical body with easy to follow guidance and calming instruction in an inviting way that is accessible for all levels.