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30 min class (31:00)
$ 4.99
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30-Minute Shoulder & Upper Body Love

Keith Allen

This powerful class opens and strengthens your shoulders and upper body, core, and hamstrings. If you like a practice that gives you time to open and deepen into postures, one pose at a time, this one is for you (this is not a flow class). There is a little bit of everything in this class, including pranayama, and you'll open your entire body, with an extra emphasis on your shoulders, neck, and upper body. This class is accessible to those with some yoga experience, and will give you the opportunity to explore a bigger inversion towards the end of class, with modifications available for all levels. New and more challenging poses teach us patience and remind us it's about the journey to get there, more than the final pose, or destination. This class is also ideal if you feel tight in your upper body from too much time on your computer or phone and you want to improve your posture. Enjoy!

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