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25 min class (22:30)
$ 4.99
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Yoga for Golf

Robert Sidoti

Yoga for Golf will help to increase your range of motion in your hips and trunk of your body as well as build strength in your core, creating more rotation and follow through, thus giving you the distance you've either lost or have not found on the course. We all know how nice it is to be hitting a wedge into the green rather than a long iron :-)

Golf is very one-sided - you swing over and over on your right or left side. The sequence of postures in this class will help to balance you out. This class will provide opportunities to work on your shoulders, hips, core/trunk, hamstrings - all areas of the body that are crucial for a fluid and PAIN FREE golf swing! You will also work on your breath and mental game, knowing how important it is to take a big breath before a swing to reduce tension and to keep a positive and focused mid set, taking the time to visualize and see the shot you are about to hit.

Up your game and increase your competitive advantage through yoga! Have fun!

**Yoga mats in this class were provided by our partner, prAna. Be sure to check out their high-performance yoga mats and accessories at!

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