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Chakra Flow Series 7: Sahasrara Chakra

Dana Damara

The Sahasrara, or crown chakra, represents the underlying consciousness that is the basic operating principle for all of the chakras. The element of this chakra is consciousness. True consciousness is the ability to see, live and speak in a way that is in alignment with our soul. As spiritual beings living a human experience, we seek to free the consciousness from its distractions and experience the limitless nature of our being. This is the seat of enlightenment and the source of our awakening.

To see the manifestation of your own personal consciousness, simply look at the movie of your current life. It is made up of your ideas, your thoughts, your words and heart felt connection to what you believe and know to be true. When you are ready to change that movie, it is because blocks have been removed and the distractions that held you once are no longer. You heal old wounds and move past old thought patterns and behaviors. The energy field around you becomes clear, spacious and glorious.

**This class is part of our Chakra Flow Series Package!

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