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Chakra Flow Series 3: Manipura Chakra

Dana Damara

Chakra three is our place of personal power, our center of energy, our power chakra. Root chakra keeps us grounded to the earth; sacral chakra keeps things flowing as our water element and the Manipura, or solar plexus chakra generates energy with our internal fire.

This is where we build strength and develop our will to carry out our deepest intentions, gifts and passions in life. Our third chakra gives us the power we need to get through the more difficult and challenging times of our journey -- the ones that bring us to the transformation our soul seeks over a lifetime.

The third chakra is powerful and most often, this is where we get stuck. It is important that we pay attention to the circumstances that enhance our energy and the ones that suppress our energy; moving toward those that enhance and grow our energetic vibration.

**This class is part of our Chakra Flow Series Package!

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