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Chakra Flow Series 5: Visuddha Chakra

Dana Damara

The fifth chakra, the throat chakra, sometimes referred to as the bottleneck of the chakra system, is all about sound, vibration, rhythm, music, voice, words and communication. Its name, Vishuddha, actually means purification -- making space in the energy body for higher consciousness.

It is essential to go deeper into our core in order to integrate and balance our single vibrating truth. This chakra is all about opening and using our voice appropriately. It's about speaking our truth and freeing our personal creativity. The essence of this chakra is to find resonance and harmony with all that is vibrating around you. We are meant to be open to speaking and listening, singing and dancing.....from here we find our creativity and are able to express our deepest self.

**This class is part of our Chakra Flow Series Package!

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