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Chakra Flow Series 4: Anahata Chakra

Dana Damara

Chakra four, the heart chakra, is the very center of our entire chakra system. This is the area of our body where we give and receive love.

To a child, love defines security and survival. For the adult it brings the intimacy that creates vulnerability and openness. The heart's task is to find balance in all relationships -- mind and body, light and dark, egoic and subconscious needs -- all resulting in inner peace.

The central focus of the heart chakra is connecting with others and opening to love. To fully feel a true connection with others, we must find compassion and empathy for others. Being completely present when others are talking, being vulnerable with others and opening to an unconditional acceptance of someone else is exercising your heart chakra qualities.

**This class is part of our Chakra Flow Series Package!

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