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Chakra Flow Series 1: Muladhara Chakra

Dana Damara

The Muladhara, or root chakra is about rooting deep into the Earth so each breath and each movement is an expanded version of ease and grace.

Starting with a firm foundation is the key in building anything in life: relationships, learning a new skill, building a home, anything worth growing needs a firm foundation first. This is our Root Chakra. It is the foundation of the entire system and it is the ground that supports and nourishes us.

The Root Chakra represents how we interface with the physical body - our home, finances, work and environment. It represents our physical identity and how we identify with our needs. Its purpose is self-preservation - making sure we survive on our journey. When our root chakra is functioning properly, we feel safe and secure. When we are out of balance, we feel fear. If fear becomes habitual through repeated trauma, our body releases stress hormones into the body, constricting this energy field.

**This class is part of our Chakra Flow Series Package!

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