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Wherever I Go, Yoga Goes – 7 Tips for A Mindful Vacation

Wherever I Go, Yoga Goes – 7 Tips for A Mindful Vacation

1. Set your vision for the trip– You grow what you plant. What seeds are you cultivating? This free, guided meditation from Claire Petretti Marti will lead you step by step to visualize your dreams and manifest your goals this spring. 

2. Mindful Packing – Consider what you’re packing- do the items set you up for a healthier, more inspired trip? Only take what you need, and don’t be weighed down by anything but the essentials. We recommend a notebook for journaling, essential oils for immunity and balance, a travel yoga mat that fits in your suitcase, and of course, YogaDownload. 

2. Travelin’ Tunes – Be a red eye warrior with a curated playlist of calming tunes to make your flight more relaxing. Check out some of our favorite soothing tracks here

3. Find Your Breath– A calming breath exercise during long lines or a turbulent flight may be exactly what you need to shift an ‘okay’ trip into an unforgettable, stress-free vacation. If things get rocky, our best tool is our breath. Return to the body with slow, deep breaths by counting to 4 on the inhale, and counting down from 4 on the exhale. You can also find a wide selection of meditation classes you can do anywhere, here

4. Power Up – Get fired up for the day, bringing your practice to the next level in Dave Farmar’s 45-minute Power Vinyasa class that will challenge you in new positions and give you the perspective to enjoy the journey as you work towards getting there. 

5. Legs up the wall – After spending the day on your feet exploring, inversions are the perfect ‘reset’ for circulation. If laying on the hotel floor feels germy, place your sit bones against the headboard of your bed with your legs up the wall. Lay like this for a few minutes to let the legs ‘drain.’ Find more balance with Elise Fabricant’s class Yin Yang Yoga for Transition

6. Journal Your Senses - Bring a notebook and pen with you on your excursions, taking a few minutes throughout the day to take note of your five senses. What are you hearing when you tune in to the sound of this place? What do you taste? This heightened awareness will make you more present throughout your experience, plus it’s a great way to document your trip when you’re feeling nostalgic for it later.

7. Daily Detox – Party too much last night? Try Pradeep Teotia’s Daily Detox class. Just like any spring cleaning, these twists will wring you out and clear your system so you’re ready for the next adventure.

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