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Gold Medal Classes for Your Home Practice
Gold Medal Classes for Your Home Practice

Think of the moment when a gymnast, hands covered in chalk, takes a deep breath before jumping onto the parallel bars, or when a triathlete gracefully transitions from one posture to the next - those moments are their yoga. U.S. women’s soccer player, Alex Morgan, uses yoga to be “at ease with herself” and take her “mind off soccer.” We seek the same connection with ourselves and the same disconnection with the roles that often define us.


To celebrate the kickoff of our favorite quadrannual global athletic summit, we’re launching 4 new classes to challenge your physical body, sharpen your mental focus, inspire your commitment to your craft, and rise above challenges. Let the yoga games begin:


Elise Fabricant / Yin Yang Yoga for Commitment

Yin and Yang have been together for over 5,000 years, and they’ve never had commitment issues. In this all-levels class, focus your vision, sharpen it, and then let it all go before you dive back into your crystal clear day.


Patrick Harrington / Kindness Hot Yoga “Practice Makes Practice”

The closest you’ll get to a hardcore training session, but don’t sweat it – this ‘kind(a) hot’ class heals, while still challenging your length and strength.


April Laliberte / A Sacred Commitment (FREE 4 min meditation)

Like an athlete in the best physical shape of their life, you will be in the best spiritual shape of your life. Setting an intention with this short, yet powerful meditation is the first step to manifesting our dreams - metallic or otherwise.


Noemi Nuñez / Mini-Taller de Parado de Manos (Handstand Drills)

Whistles not required. These drills are great for core strength and for standing on your hands when you celebrate victory, like the mastery you’ll feel after this 20 minute session.



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