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Find Your True Self

Find Your True Self

In our daily busy life, juggling between career, family, friends and daily compulsory routines, we mostly get by cruising on autopilot. We let our working mind operate while our comfort seeking mind and body guide us. In busy cities, we get over stimulated with continuous noise, traffic, people, and materialism. We can go by days, weeks, months and even years without checking in with our intuition. We might get restless, stressed, and feel off, and can not really tell why. We’d not realize we are lacking the internal connection with ourselves, connection with our intuition. Yet, it is there in a very silent voice, blocked by the loudness of external noise, we can find our intuition if given a chance.

Wake Up Call for Intuition


Intuition is beyond our mental thinking, it is a process of thinking of our conscious. Discovering our intuition will lead us understanding the reality as its entirety beyond the material world. We like to think that the castle of comfort we have built around us, with nice cars, nice home, filled with materialism; technology, gadgets, children’s rooms full with toys and closet full of clothes will give us the satisfaction. These things bring us comfort and we believe that comfort will take us to happiness. We like to believe that creating walls and protection around this castle of comfort will create peace of mind. Yet we tend to be restless.

The same thought comes with planning the future far ahead. We believe planning will lead us to our path, providing comfort and contentment. We think that when we finally, after years and years of performing, achieve our dreams, then we will start living. We tend to live in the world of planning and “when I get 40, then I…” or “when I get a new job, then I will travel” Instead of living in the present and following your heart and intuition. Living fully, in the moment is being present to the deepest reality that is in this moment, not in the past nor in the future. There is just now. We tend to build our happiness on external factors and feed our mind to get satisfaction from materialistic stimulators, wanting to possess the happiness.

I am guilty as charged for all of the above, yet learning every day. I believe it is our western society that has taught us to seek comfort and happiness in external elements: going to church for salvation, shopping for holidays to express love and eating to feel better. But do you get the satisfaction in your current lifestyle? Do you ever wonder if there is more to it? The comfort of our lives may satisfy our physical body and operative mind, but if we only hang on to the external factors to nurture our body and our physical existence, our spiritual body remains undiscovered and we keep being disconnected from our true self and intuition.

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wildness of your intuition.” Alan Alda

In busy city life, surrounded by the daily routines and distraction, it may be challenging to start the inner journey of discovery. Sometimes we need to leave our daily environment, our personal comfort zone, to find something new. In this case, the discovery will be rocking and changing your world, the new you. Are you interested? Great – you have just woken up your intuition.

Leaving the comfort zone may seem challenging. When we face challenges, feel restless or suffer, we tend to seek a cure from the external, material world rather than looking deep into ourselves. We are so used to purchasing our comfort and happiness. Without realizing, our stress is an end result of trying to hold on to the comfort and happiness created by the external factors. Seeking stress release from external world will lead to deeper disconnection of true-self, yet instead, when stressed out one should look for the internal source of power, the intuition our deep self-knowledge.

It’s All Within Ourselves

The intuition is there, arising from our feelings and knowledge, taking a present form in our relationships. Pay more attention to it, it will get stronger. By inviting intuition into your daily life, it will find a way to present itself to you, in your dreams, visions, sensations, signs, music, emotions. Intuition will find a way to get your attention.

You will come to realize that the deepest reality is this moment, and we create the reality every moment. The intuition you have is real, inviting you to a new perspective. And more you acknowledge your intuition, the more accurate and stronger it gets.

Connecting with your true self, following intuition is the first step to personal growth, which is one thing we do have control over in this ever changing world. Personal growth is available for us all, despite our background, lifestyle or current circumstances. There is no limit of time, place or level of your personal growth. Infinity is the limit, and no on can ever take your personal and spiritual growth away from you.

5 Ways to Observe your Intuition:

1. Acknowledge when your intuition is communicating with you
2. Check the accuracy of the message of your intuition
3. Assess the value over time,: what is my intuition bringing in?
4. Acknowledge the learnings of the day, be grateful for those lessons
5. Go to nature. Root yourself, calm your mind and breath. Center. Enjoy the nature. Observe the sensations, feelings, emotions and insights nature is telling you. Acknowledge those, and journal it down.


Are you ready to discover the wildness of your intuition?

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