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Yoga You Can Do It Bed

Yoga You Can Do It Bed

A long time ago, I posted a travel yoga video. In it, I offer postures and stretches you can do seated — accessible for anyone traveling on a plane, in a train, in a car, etc.

Stretch where you’re sore

I’ve been staying in a hotel the past couple days, the perfect spot to film this video for the weary traveler! As summer is (FINALLY!) here, this is a great take-with-you practice for vacation.

My hope is that this little sequence is fun, relaxing, restorative, and takes into account the areas of the body that might be feeling the most stiff after a long day of travel.

This past weekend I drove 14+ hours over the course of 4 days, so I’ve been feeling those low back aches too and this felt great!

Even if you’re not traveling but you’re looking to fit in a tad bit of yoga at the end of a really long, exhausting and stressful work day, hop in bed and do this before you get some much needed z’s.

What you need

All you need is a bed, a chair (or wall), and some pillows. Luckily hotels often offer an excess of fluffy pillows to choose from. If you get weird about germs, grab a towel too smiley





By Ashley Josephine

I started practicing yoga to stay in shape and release stress. What I learned was how to love my life. How to have faith. How to find your community of people who support you and love you unconditionally. How to get back control. Today, it is my mission to help busy Type-A overachiever women like me gain back control of their lives, live pain-free, and love the life they want to live through yoga lifestyle practices. Visit to get free yoga lifestyle tips to help live healthier, happier, and pain-free.

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