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Flow to Flourish

Flow to Flourish

“Don't focus on negative things; focus on the positive, and you will flourish.” Alex Wek

Or, according to Yoga Sutra 2.33: Vitarka-badhane pratipaksha-bhavanam, When disturbed by negative thoughts, cultivate the opposite mental attitude. This practice of actively working to shift your perspective is key to creating a life where you’re flourishing and living your fullest life. When we flow on our yoga mat, we don’t simply impact our physical bodies, we release fear and negative blocks holding us back from experiencing more love, happiness, and peace. Sometimes manifesting your dreams begins with something as simple as sweating it out.  

Yoga is a practice of self-discovery. Whether you’re interested in learning how to stop getting in your own way, releasing past trauma and stress, or motivating yourself to take action, a mindful practice can fuel your journey. Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga linking breath to movement and is derived from Ashtanga Yoga. It’s like one long dance with your breath where you create a moving meditation. A strong, dynamic yoga practice can dislodge and set free emotions trapped in your physical body.

Vinyasa means to place in a special or sacred way and is an excellent means to build strength, balance, flexibility, and connection. Settling into the rhythm and flow helps you find harmony within yourself and with the world around you. When you can sink into sustained attention, you are fully present and at the height of your personal power and light. In other words, you’re “in the zone” where doing stops and you’re simply being. You’re setting yourself up to bloom.

Vinyasa Flow yoga is an excellent path to evolve and live the life of your dreams.

This week’s classes are designed to help you find your flow state where you can release restrictions and feel balanced, joyous, and clear. When we flow on the yoga mat, we are moving our life force energy or prana and creating our most vital self. Join us for these freedom-inducing practices and see how much you can flourish!

Flow to Flourish (Chatarangua Free Vinyasa) - Claire Petretti Marti

Fusion Flow: Entraining Grace - Annie Coyle

Freedom Flow - Jackie Casal Mahrou

Wild Thing Flow - Jill Pedroza

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