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The Power of Mantra

The Power of Mantra

Do you have a mantra that guides your thoughts and actions? If you do, great! If you’ve heard the term but weren’t quite sure what it meant or how to utilize mantras, we’re here to break it down. The concept isn’t complicated but like most traditions, some guidance and explanation can help you personalize and integrate mantra into your daily life.

The word mantra derives from Sanskrit. Manas means mind and tra means tool. Mantra is a repeated word, sound, or phrase used to create calm, focus, and intention. Om is probably the most well-known mantra in the Western world and is considered the sound of the universe. It’s often invoked at the beginning and end of a yoga or meditation practice. Some mantras are repeated silently, some mantras are chanted with or without music, some mantras are phrases you tape on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself of your intentions.

Mantras can be used as positive affirmations to guide your life. Phrases like “I am worthy, I am loving, I am kind, fill-in-the-blank here” can be your personal mantras. In yoga and meditation, mantra is a systematic way to meditate and harness the power of your mind. Our minds are by nature busy and distracted. If we give our brain something to do––focus on repeating a word or phrase––it’s easier to quiet down and focus.

Here's one for you to try right now:


Sit comfortably and close your eyes. If you’ve got a timer on your phone, use it. Remember, you’ll get distracted and that’s okay! Just keep returning your attention to the mantra.

What to choose as your mantra? Keep it simple and use only one word or a short phrase. Words like love, peace, calm, clear, or freedom work well. Choose a positive quality you’d like to experience more frequently.

We love the classic “So Hum” or “I Am” meditation because it instills self-confidence and who doesn’t need a boost of that? Also, when you inhale on the first word and exhale on the second, you naturally coordinate your breath. It helps your nervous system settle down and aids in getting focused.

Mantra is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Training your mind to focus on what you want helps you feel your best, maintain a positive perspective on life, and manifest your dreams. Check out this week’s classes designed to help you do just that!

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