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15 min class (17:39)
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The Power of Mantra

Annie Coyle

This class is part lecture and part practice. It will provide a brief introduction into what mantra is, where it comes from, and why it is a beneficial to practice. You will then be guided through a simple Mantra meditation technique that utilizes the vocal cords to stimulate the vagus nerve and bring about deep levels of rest. The meditation portion is accompanied by the harmonium, an ancient yogic instrument that has been used for thousands of years to chant mantra.

It is important to note, that this practice is not religious. It dates back thousands of years and is the source from which all of yoga has evolved. It brings the practitioner directly to the roots of yoga.

The only pre-requisite for this session is openness and curiosity. This class will be sure to leave you bubbling with a blissful sensation, paired with a deep level of peace!

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